Monday, April 8, 2013

Dramatically change a room with some paint

I am not sure about your house but in ours I have a lot of rooms I would like to change. One of the easiest ways to change the look of a room is by paint. The room I decided to tackle first was our guest bedroom.
Take a look at the before:

See that pillow on the bed? This was my inspiration.

First thing you need to do before painting is clear out the area you would like to paint and put something on the floor to protect it. I chose to use a drop cloth. 

Then gather all supplies. You do not want to have to run back and forth from the room to your garage (or the store) when your in the middle of painting. 

Here is one of my favorite tools to use for painting. It is a Shur-Line Edger. I have the one that has rollers along the top and you can replace the pad for future uses. I have tried the one without the rollers and I prefer this one. You can find these at your local home improvement center. 

Next: more prep. If you have any outlets on the wall you are painting, you will want to remove the covers. I recommend turning off the electricity for this outlet before you do this and keep it off until you are done painting. 

And time for the color: 

When painting, I have always been told to edge then roll. I personally do both simultaneously so the the edging doesn't dry up before I get to the rolling. If you have someone helping you, this process may be easier. 

And here is the end product! We have a lot of work still left to do in the room but at least we have started. The wall definitely makes a big change and huge impact on the room.  

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