Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Welcome to The Everyday Cinderella! Thank you so much for reading my first post on my brand new blog!  This is all very new and exciting for me. I am hoping that you will have patience with me as I go through learning what it is blogging is about. Even though I am an avid reader of blogs, I have never done one myself. 

So what is this blog about? Hmm... good question. The plan is to post articles about all the little tips and tricks I have learned along the way. I am obsessed with learning how to make my life easier through cleaning tips, beauty tricks, and everything housekeeping. My hope is that some of these things that I have learned (and will learn) will help make your life easier. It probably would help if you knew my definition of housekeeping: it includes decorating, house improvements, gardening, cleaning, cooking, organizing, etc. Pretty much if it involves your life at home, it is included in my definition of housekeeping. So to keep this short, I hope you take some time to explore and find some of the things in this blog useful!

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